What is SprinSole?

SprinSole is a new online shoe store using advanced technology to deliver perfect fitting insoles. With a quick 3D foot scan from any phone (iPhone and Android), SprinSole's team of online experts can analyze your unique foot shape and biomechanics to create perfect fit custom Insoles that’ll boost comfort, enhance performance and prevent injuries.

Who is SprinSole for?

The benefits of perfect fitting shoes can positively impact the lives of nearly ALL human beings. That said, SprinSole is especially useful for people currently suffering from foot pain, discomfort or fatigue, people who put a lot of stress and strain on their feet as a result of their profession or recreational activities and people who simply want to have a bit more pep in their step each day. 


How do I install Trim-to-Fit SprinSole Custom Insoles?

The figure below will walk you through the process. If you run into any issues, just reach out!


Why do I need SprinSole Custom Insoles?

You rely on your feet for almost everything, so keeping them happy is pretty important, right? Investing in good shoes is critical, but the truth is, all mass-produced shoes lack the support your unique feet truly need. This leads to unnecessary pain, discomfort and fatigue and ultimately slows you down. Custom insoles are made just for you and inserted into any shoe to provide perfect support, helping to boost comfort, relieve pain and improve your overall well-being.


How do SprinSole Insoles differentiate from other Insoles?

First, we cannot overemphasize that SprinSole Insoles are 100% custom to you. Each pair produced is literally one of one. There are plenty of insoles on the market ranging from $10-$200 per pair that are mass-produced in “cookie-cutter” shapes but we believe that most of them simply miss the mark because they aren’t built to support YOUR unique feet. On the custom orthotic/insole end of the spectrum, there are options from $99 to $500 per pair, with some being quite effective, but generally being way too expensive and hard to get for most people. 


How long do SprinSole Insoles last?

Although our insoles are made of the highest quality materials, over time, constant wear and heat will eventually compress them. Once compressed, you will no longer feel the original comfort or control in alignment. SprinSole custom insoles lasts up to 8 months. We recommend simply putting your custom insoles in when you get your new shoes and you never have to take them out. They’ll just be there in the background, every step of the way, keeping you perfectly supported.


What material are SprinSole Custom Insoles made of?

SprinSole Custom Insoles consist of a moisture-wicking polyester top cover, shock-absorbing EVA foam and a proprietary thermoplastic core that provides a supportive yet dynamic element to the insole.


Do SprinSole Insoles work for flat feet?

While it is definitely possible to have legitimately flat feet, research suggests it is quite rare (less than 8% of population). The most common type of “flat feet” occurs when standing or placing weight on one’s arches, causing them to collapse. When unweighted, these arches return to a normal height. In these instances, SprinSole Custom Insoles can help support the feet in their unweighted position to help prevent arch collapse.


How long does it take to deliver?

Orders for custom insoles and custom-fit shoes typycally arrive to customers in 7 business days. All orders received after 12pm PT go into production the following business day. Please allow up to 7 business days for customization to be completed.  


How do I make return?

SprinSole Custom Insoles come with a 30 day Feel Great Guarantee. This means you can wear them for up to 30 days and send them back for a refund if you are not completely satisfied. 

For all return requests, please reach out to us via the Contact Us page.